Lawyer Yeboah Enstooled Krontihene Of Dormaa Asupraa

Lawyer Patrick Yeboah of the Legal Aid Commission in Sunyani has been enstooled as the Krontihene of Dormaa Asupraa in the Bono Region, with the stool name Nana Baah Yeboah II.

He also becomes the Krontihene to the Apredehene of the Dormaa Traditional Area.

The enstoolment ceremony was attended by well-wishers and members of the legal fraternity.

Nana Baah Yeboah II announced his commitment to promoting economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, and education in his community.

He stated, “I will champion agricultural support and skill acquisition in various trades and crafts to help the youth in the community.”

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of sustainable farming practices to protect the environment and combat environmental degradation. “Promoting sustainable farming practices will be a key focus,” he said.

Nana Yeboah II also plans to establish scholarship schemes for needy students and promote school infrastructural development. To ensure peace and harmony in Dormaa Asupraa, he mentioned, “I will set up mechanisms for conflict resolution and mediation.”


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