Yamfo Anglican SHS teachers stay off campus over inadequate accommodation

The Yamfo Anglican Senior High School in the Tano North Municipality of the Ahafo Region continues to struggle with infrastructure deficits, particularly in staff accommodation, a boy’s dormitory and a place of convenience.

The school needs a spacious dormitory for its male students, and the lack of adequate staff housing forces most teachers to live off-campus, making it difficult to effectively supervise the over 1,000 students.

Authorities of the school are thus calling for infrastructure expansion.

Yamfo Anglican Senior High School, established in 1982 as a community school with just 21 students, has grown to accommodate 1,316 students, comprising 492 boys and 824 girls. The school was later absorbed by the Anglican Church.

Despite its progress, the school faces significant infrastructure challenges. Although the government has provided a girls’ dormitory and classroom block, the school still requires additional infrastructure. The dining hall, in particular, is in a deplorable state.

Furthermore, inadequate staff accommodation forces most teachers to live off-campus, hindering effective student supervision.

Out of the 90 teaching staff, only one stays in the school with the Headmaster.

The Girls Prefect, Ellen Owusua, highlighted that inadequate staff accommodation was negatively affecting the students.

The current condition of the male students’ toilet facility requires immediate attention to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for the students.

The Assistant Headmaster in-charge of Administration, Richard Bofah, appealed for staff accommodation and a boys’ dormitory.

Additionally, the school lacks a sick bay, which will provide first aid to sick students. Students have to be rushed to the health centre in the Yamfo township when they are sick.

A sick bay is yet to be established despite the provision of some medical items by the old students Association has provided some medical items for the school to establish a sick bay.


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