Eastern Region: Koforidua Is Becoming The Hub of Sex workers

Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital is becoming the hub of prostitution following the relocation of sex workers from Kumasi following the ban on their activities by Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following this development, some areas best known as prostitutes’ haven have seen rise in their membership with most of them coming from the Garden City, Kumasi.

According to deep throat information on our desk through our reporter Samuel Sackey, the famous Bula Spot, one of the hottest joint of prostitutes in the Capital, has had over 20 new faces of young ladies joining their folds in the business from Kumasi.

However, most of these sex workers are found patrolling at night from one point to another with the aim to lure men who passes by for servicing in both short and night drive.

Meanwhile, the street connecting to B. Foster and Total Two Fuel Filling Station are also hot zones which these sex workers roam along the line in a half-naked dress at night to hook and entice men to patronise.

Despite these happenings in Koforidua, authorities are yet to take a stand on the activities of sex workers.

Source: firstnewsroom.com|Samuel Sackey|Ghana

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