Preserving Our Values And Ensuring National Security

National Security encompasses a broad range of facets, all of which impinge on the non-military or economic security of a nation and the values espoused by the national society.

Accordingly, in order to create a safe and secure socio-cultural, political, and economic environment which translates into a comprehensive national security, a country must be seen as preserving the norms, rules, institutions and values of acceptable society.

National security fundamentally epitomises the beacon of hope and sovereignty! It is the critical and most important tool for national development.

The recent upsurge of activities of a cross-section of the youth in the country where they rush without recourse to hard work in “getting rich syndrome” and the unfortunate consequences have gradually eroded the cherished cultural values, norms and principles of the Ghanaian society.

The society has lost extensively the orderly and more humane attraction to each other. Our values and norms as a nation are being deposited in the “garbage” and if care is not taken, the central government cannot control these nefarious activities.

If we are oblivious of what is happening around us as a nation, we will be negatively consuming what is happening around. To quote the famous novelist, Chinua Achebe “when things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”. National Security must as a matter of urgency and priority address this challenge by expanding its operations in intelligence to arrest the situation.

Their activities should not only be centred on military and intelligence to combat crime but rather look at the threats that these so- called spiritualists are posing to our youth on social media which obviously confront our society today and rapidly disintegrating our hitherto peaceful, hospitable and God- fearing Ghanaian society.

BUSACgh is urging government and state institutions mandated to protect, preserve and safeguard our national interest and security to widen its net to launch a serious and aggressive campaign on the need to exhibit PATRIOTISM and NATIONAL PRIDE in whatever we do as Ghanaians. Our parochial and individual interest must not supersede national interest.

The authorities involved in checking content for broadcasting on both print and electronic media should be given the relevant support to discharge their duties effectively and efficiently. Ghanaians must also be given basic training on how to pick intelligence that strongly compromise our security as a people.

More importantly, the public should be interested in identifying potential threats against our Ghanaian cherished values, norms and cultural practices that keep us together as a Nation. After all, the security of every nation is at risk if the citizens are NOT trained to observe and maintain discipline, acceptable norms and values, love for one another, honesty, trust and national pride.

David Wilson Asetena-Krah

Executive Chairman & Founder

Bureau of Security Advocacy & Consultancy

( BUSACgh )


















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