Sunyani: Residents Urged Authorities To Fix Drainage

Users of the Bono Regional Hospital Traffic Light Road to the Nana Bosoma Market are urging authorities to urgently fix a section of the road which has been eaten up by erosion exposing pedestrians and more  especially children to danger

Despite the defect, heavy vehicles continue to use the stretch, a situation that could compound the problem.

Due to poor drainage system on the stretch erosion has eaten up a portion of the Bono Regional Hospital Traffic Light stretch to the Nana Bosoma Market close to the Livestock Market in Sunyani exposing pedestrians especially children to danger as they could fall into the hole created by the erosion.

The erosion has also affected the metal barricade that serves as protection for vehicles and pedestrians. The drainage at the place is not working, thus allowing water to wash away the soil anytime  it rains.

More worrying is that the stretch is one of the busiest roads in the Sunyani Metropolis. Vehicles from Berekum, Dormaa Ahenkro and Drobo who usually avoid the Central Business District of Sunyani usually use this road.

Users of the road are thus urging the authorities to act swiftly to prevent any disaster from happening at that portion of the road.

Abdul Rahman said, “We have complained several times about the situation but nothing. Once a while people from the Assembly will come and inspect it but nothing happens after they are gone. We are lucky the rains have stopped and it will have eaten into the road. We are appealing to MCE, I do not have a car, but my brother or even the drivers of the authorities could fall into it.”

Ayishetu Abubakari on her part said, “We are appealing to the authorities to do something about it before something happens there. When the children close from school it is scary because they are not aware of the defect so they could fall into it. I am appealing to the authorities to do something about it before something happens there. The rains have stopped and the soil would have been washed more.”

Ansu Kumi, MCE Sunyani East Municipality noted that something will be done about the situation.

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