Workers of Sunon Asogli Will Have Their Jobs Restored – Mineworkers’ Union Assures

The Ghana Mineworkers’ Union says they will follow due process to restore the jobs for Sunon Asogli workers whose jobs were unlawfully terminated.

Some workers of the Company have been sanctioned over moves to unionize.

These workers were fired after they were charged by the company for ditching work to attend a union meeting and also staging a demonstration against the company.

According to the company, the workers embarked on an illegal demonstration and were unhappy with the attempts by the workers to join Ghana Mines Workers Union.

Commenting on the issue on Starr News, the General Secretary of the Ghana Mineworkers’ Union, Abdul-Moomin Gbana said the workers have every right to join any union on their own.

“We will do everything possible to ensure that the workers get their jobs back. Because I don’t think that they have committed a crime in exercising their right to join the union. I can assure you that we are very much committed. Unions exist to represent the interest of workers including their employment protection.  Why would workers’ decision to join a union become a crime, why should expressing your fundamental right now become a crime? The impunity with which most of these multinationals will want us to believe or think that once they come here with investment, we must support the investment to grow but they will never respect the right of our people,” Mr. Gbana stated.

He continued: “They should take assurance in the fact that rights are rights and everybody must enjoy them. Even though this may have happened, the same processes will be used to ensure that these matters are resolved and are resolved expeditiously. I do not envisage that these matters should travel but even if they travel, they should take solace in the fact that the mine workers union is resolute, it’s solid. We will ensure that justice is served to them.”


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